And 2:20 am came waaay too early this morning. But our shuttle driver was expected by 3-ish to make the 6:30 am flight out.

All went mostly as planned. It is still exceedingly warm in the southwest however, and with the mild summer we had, our bodies are unaccustomed to the hot dry weather. Within minutes,  we felt like we had stepped into the sauna at the gym fully clothed. Keeping hydrated was essential and we completed the tasks of the day,  with a swim in the hotel pool as a reward.

There have been many times in my recovery that I have been unprepared for a situation that I found myself in,  no matter how much I tried to anticipate the conditions. Until I am in the actual thick of it, there is only so much preparation i can engage in. Once I am “live time”, I have to rely on what I know,  not on what I feel. I  proceed with the best decisions I can with the facts and information available,  understanding there is a possibility of failure. But the alternative is to give up and just say I can’t.  For me, this disrespects my recovery and the work I have done and that others have invested in me. It also ignores God’s miracles in my life.

Really,  any situation is about sizing it up and having faith and hope that you can move through it. So far, your record and mine is 100%. Let’s get going, shall we?

Hugs. ♡♡