So the weather was mixed today, but no rain, just sorta, there. Ok, so enough about the weather and what not. Today was just nuts.

So, woke up with a tickle in the back of my throat. Uh-oh. Not good. Made mental note, get some cold medicine. Went to church and decided to do some volunteering after the service to stay occupied while my spouse volunteered as scheduled. Ended up looking like I was sliding into home next to a wayward toddler that I missed bumping into by inches. Ouch.

Lying in bed now with ice pack, trying to figure out what the heck, and BING BING BING…..we have a winner.

I had agreed a few weeks ago to share my recovery story at a meeting tomorrow night and several months ago scheduled to share at a different meeting the following night. Ah-ha! So this is how it usually goes for me. Every time I make an attempt to share my story or testimony of recovery, something in my life flies off the hinges. It’s ridiculous. It’s annoying.

If you’ve ever stood up for what is true in your life and felt resistance, you know what I’m talking about. It feels like you are straining against the undertow at the beach, pushing forward. Well, this girl ain’t gonna lie down and just take it. Pfffftt. Whatever. It is better to be persecuted for doing the right thing, than sitting on my hands doing nothing at all.

So tomorrow, I’m soaking my poor old bones, taking anti-inflammatories and heading out to the meeting to share how I traveled from hopeless wreck to hopeful work in progress as a result of the steps and principles of recovery. So take that, powers of darkness. I have stood against them time and again, and I never stand alone; my recovery family and Christ stands with me.

But I may need a few more tissues and extra lemon tea to get through this one.

Much love to you guys, sleep well