Get ‘r Done Saturday

What a wet, rainy day! Ugh. I was going to take a picture of the the wet and rain out my window, but everyone knows what rain looks like, so I’ll spare everyone the joy.

Actually got a lot done today. Helped a friend (Angiewest123) get her blog launched, and what a launch! Over 1,000 words and very piercing into the heart and soul of recovery. I will be linking into it next week while I am on the road and not able to post as dependably as I would prefer.

*Note: it is very honest and straight-forward, written in a direct fashion and may be a bit “PG-13” due to language, but very well-worth the read. 

Walked into the grocery store and was immediately hit with the aroma of fall cinnamon and apples as I walked toward the produce section. Apples happened to be on sale, so I picked up a few and with an internet recipe for gluten free apple crisp, I created a heavenly smell in the house! Yum, almost makes losing sunshine for 9 months worth it. Almost. Well, not really, but go with me on this.

Coming to realize that I depend upon some of the herbal supplements I take for imbalance that I stopped taking for a couple weeks. Boy, after just getting back in the swing of them for a few days, I feel much more grounded and leveled out. So, I guess it’s a necessary thing for me right now. Luckily, they are available online and one is cheap, the other, not so much. But I don’t need to be crawling around with my face on the ground because I’m out of whack either.

That’s where I am for now. Hope you are ending summer with a bang, whether it’s a last camp-out, bonfire or just movie night, have a wonderful weekend.



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