Busy day! Lazed about in bed this morning, but once I brushed my teeth, the day took off like a shot. Served at church heating up sandwiches and whipping up sodas, and then headed off to the countryside for a low-impact hike.

The weather was nearly perfect to walk the trail, but I was unprepared for how very out of shape I had gotten due to not being able to exercise due to my injury. Jeepers! Kids were running past me uphill, and I felt like me heart was going to leap out of my chest. But I got back to the car, and within minutes felt better, having made the journey.

Made a yummy paleo chili squash stew with some jalapeno pepper in it. And it was delicious. I chickened out a bit and skipped the green pepper as I tend not to digest them very well. But in the very recent past, I would have never considered making a dish like this, much less adding fresh jalapeno peppers to it. So I feel like I am continuing to push myself in the right direction.

For my recovery, I offered to assist a recovery sister in Christ to get going with her blog. So you may see some links here coming up, as well as some guest pieces from her. She has such a direct voice that pierces through the happy horse poo. It needs to get out into to the wider expanse to be seen.

You might wonder why I would pursue assisting and promoting someone else’s blog. Well, in recovery, we are to carry the message forward, whatever that means. If that means we get up and speak, we do so. If that means we provide the meeting place for others to get up and speak or come to partake in healing, we do so. Participating in recovery is about a lot more that warming a seat at a meeting. It is seeing what is happening and joining in to do your part. Are you a graphic artist? Then offer your talents to your local group for the next flyer they produce or for artwork for their fb page or website. Are you a baker? Offer to take your luscious goodies to the meeting, to a party celebrating a recovery birthday, to someone who has just lost someone dear to them.

This is about seeing the world around you and joining in, getting involved and becoming part of something besides just going to work, paying bills and dying. Your life is worth so much more, you were meant for so much more. Your talents and availability are the answer to someone’s prayer.

Well, packing it in for the evening. Sweet dreams my dear ones.