We are closing the door on August, it seems like it just got here! But September and the anticipated or dreaded (depending on your viewpoint) season of all things pumpkin spice is upon us. My flowers are trying mightily to ward off the chillier nights, but change is already in the air.

I reviewed some CDs I found in an old box that had family video on them, some with the only video I have of my father, the only recorded sound of his voice. I miss him so, taken too soon by lung cancer at 59.

Today, we have made solid plans for a family road trip to add a member to our locale, and it will be an interesting journey to be certain. But change is a part of life, and I seek God’s will and His providence in it all.

Had a technology blip this morning which reminded me how important my writing is to me, and that what I do here is important and matters, if only to me. And that’s really okay. Had  a good day of moderation and hope to be in better health in the coming days.

Much love to you all.