Today was a lovely sunny day. I wished I could have just skipped out on my chore list and enjoyed the weather, but I took care of all necessary tasks, and totally wore myself out!

But I kept going and felt good about the fact that I did get some things accomplished that will make the week a bit easier. I still have house chores to get done, and I plan on continuing to move and stretch my body so I can heal from being hurt.

We are preparing for some changes to our family, there have been losses and we are looking at how that is going to impact the footprint of our lives going forward. I know that as I am approaching middle and later years, I wonder, what will my twilight look like? So I want to make the older years of my family be the best and loveliest they can be.

With their permission, of course.

As our physical powers begin to diminish, any ability to have a say in our lives or environments gets even more important. So I hope to show the same level of respect and care for my older friends and family that I would hope to see in my later years.

Anyway, have a lovely evening as we get ready to wrap up August and welcome September and all things pumpkin! 😉