It has been a pretty chilled out day all in all, church, a little shopping, visiting time and some 12 step work.

I am needing to dig deeper into my recovery and remember that every day is an opportunity to experience a better quality of life. But it’s for me to decide. No one else can made those decisions for me.

I am faced with some health issues that have cropped up as a result of this injury of late, and I want to work my way through them. But I am so unfocused and undisciplined. Especially since this episode. I need to get myself grounded again into being committed to my health instead of always saying I’ll worry about it tomorrow. Then tomorrow gets here and I am still putting it off.

My prayer tonight is that the Lord would help me experience peace and serenity in my spirit and that I would commit to doing what I know I should, instead of rebelling and running from my responsibility to myself.

Thank you dear friends for following along on this journey, it is a painfully honest one, but there can be no other way toward a better life.

Much love and sweet dreams.