It was a scorcher today! YIKES! Too hot to do hardly anything but try to stay cool. I did walk the mall a little bit,  so did get some activity and,  didn’t eat much because in this heat you honestly don’t feel all that hungry.

I did get a chance to finish the book I was reading and it does deep into my belief system about my self-esteem and some other issues and I’m really going to have to chew over that for a while. Of course it wants me to jump right into some work book stuff, but I think I’m going to have to take it slow in order to deal with what I just read, because it’s really shaken up my apple cart, but in a good way.

I hope all of you are staying cool staying dry, or whatever it is in your neck of the woods that you’re trying to stay. 🙄

Have a wonderful evening.

G’night. ♡