The Monday-ist Wednesday that ever was…

Today was a comedy of errors…kind of. I had set out to get a few things checked off my list, and it seemed at every turn there was some sort of obstacle, like cones and saw horses in the road, as you are trying in vain to make it to an appointment on time. As a side note, it has been said that the state bird of Washington (my home state) is the traffic cone. Cone(bah-dum-pah).

But I finally managed to get to the finish line on a couple things, and delivered some delicious muffins to my sister before her family road trip. Hours in a vehicle with her small people, and she’s gonna need all the double chocolaty goodness she can get her hands on, gluten free of course.

I did get a fitness walk and some reading in, and for that I am grateful.

Today’s study focused on guilt versus conviction, something I have grappled with in the past. Guilt obsesses over my value as a person as a result of action that I feel did not measure up, whereas conviction deals with the action and consequence, not my value as a person. I am not a no-good, dirty rotten scoundrel if I mess up. I may have amends to make, consequences and wreckage to deal with, but it does not devalue me in God’s eyes. A mistake or misbehavior is just that. It is not something I need to immerse myself in morbid remorse over.

So yeah. it was a good day overall. Thanks for popping in, have a lovely evening and sleep well.


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