What a beautiful day! Headed out on a hike instead of the workout, so as not to waste such a lovely day.

Typically,  this mile and a half hike would be a challenge. By the last 1/4, the hubs would “sherpa” me up by the arms as I lost steam to make it up from the beach back to the parking lot.  But not today, not this girl. I felt my core strength, and found ways to leverage my stride to not become overtired. I kept a good rhythm, and even felt like I could sprint the last 100 yards if I wanted. It felt really good.

I didn’t really give much thought to my food choices,  but looking back, could have been better,  could have been worse. But no negative self-talk. Instead,  I am proud of my progress in my fitness and will be continuing my journey.

G’night dear friends. Much love. ♡