Digging in

Today was hard, at first.  I had already decided to give my body a break from the workout and maybe just get in a walk later.

Instead, I spent time studying some topics that have been on my mind a lot lately; shame and unhealthy guilt/morbid reflection. I cannot proceed further in my journey until I address my tendency to draw toward shame and mourning over my failings,  instead of accepting them, taking appropriate responsibility/action and moving on. The struggle to release my heart and mind from the stranglehold of shame and remorse is ongoing;  I continue to punish myself long after the real or perceived shortcoming. This bleeds over into all my interactions.

But tomorrow is another opportunity to start again. And so I wish you a pleasant evening my friends. G’night.


1 thought on “Digging in”

  1. Hi Gina,
    There was a famous guy who I think is friends with Julius Caesar his name is Marcus Antonius and I just read your blog and it reminded me of this famous quote of his…. this quote really made me reconsider how I go over and over mistakes or shameful things and they can become bigger than the event itself:

    “”Consider how much more you often suffer from your anger and grief, than from those very things for which you are angry and grieved. “”

    Take care💜💙💜💙💜


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