So today was a mixed bag as many days are. I started out early and kept going until pretty late for me; well after my bedtime. Stayed pretty active,  even though I skipped the workout due to soreness.  Food ok, 85% compliant to program.

Today I had the opportunity to discuss  with someone the issue of making our faith our own. You can go to church and hear all the great messages you like, read all the good books you want and even interact in an academic or intellectual way with God. However, if Christ never becomes part of the fabric of your soul of Who You Are, then you are truly missing a piece of your spirituality; you do not truly own that faith, you are only in agreement with the premise.  It is when we are face to face with circumstances where we have nowhere else to turn. We can choose to turn either to God or away from him. That is where the rubber really meets the road, when our faith becomes personal. No one else can decide in that moment whether you will believe and take hold, or push away and walk your own road.

It was a good discussion.

G’night dear friends.  🌛☄💜