Sunday and just chilling…

Today was more about listening to my body and taking a day off my exercise plan due to aches and pains, just to give my body an opportunity to heal a little.

Did well staying away from sugar, but did indulge in salted popcorn at the movies this afternoon.

Totally getting into “The Search for Significance” by Robert S. McGee. If you are unfamiliar, look it up and get a quick taste of it.  I know it has been really pushing me in my recovery to look at my approval addiction. And how dependent I am on the lie of Self Worth = Performance + Others’ Opinions.

This is a challenge that I am presently pursuing, in walking out my recovery. That my self-worth cannot be wrapped up in performance or certain others’ opinions. Definitely a sticking point in my recovery. But thankful tonight for ability to ask God to remove these defects of character.

Well, on to bed, interview tomorrow, we’ll see what the week brings. G’night dear friends. Much love.



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