Today, I completed the fitness routine on my smartphone, the one that runs a little too fast for me to keep up but I made a game attempt, and managed to do the entire thing. It lasts all of 5 minutes, but it FEELS like an eternity. Really, I mean I wonder how people get through these boot camp cross fit deals.

Went to support group tonight, talked about this blog, about my food, about just my stuff.  It’s good to be around other struggling folks. People that won’t offer worn-out suggestions and trite encouragements that I then have to gracefully field. Instead, it is a safe place to let the meh hang out without fear of judgement or fixing. I can google fixes all day long. I just need someone to listen sometimes. So mission accomplished.

Food was good today, had one inadvertent sugar slip when I put jelly on some peanut butter instead of fruit spread. Not getting too wrapped up in that, and it didn’t taste good anyway. Found that if I can keep busy, food is not so much an issue, though I am hungry much of the time, due to too much consumption for too long. I am slowly retraining my body that meal time is not round the clock and that I do have a say in when it is appropriate to have something and what that something needs to be.

Day is done, gone the sun…good night dear friends. Sweet dreams.